Commercial Property Loans


GREENLOANS COMPANY LIMITED Commercial property loans can be used for properties such as hotels, offices, schools, shops, warehouses and restaurants globally.
If you’re buying a commercial property or refurbishing your existing premises, we can find the right property finance option for your business.
A range of commercial property finance products exists on the market that can help fund the growth of your commercial property portfolio. Whether you are looking for a short-term arrangement to finance the renovation of your commercial premises or a long-term mortgage to fund the investment of a new property, we can help you secure the right property finance deal for your business.
What is commercial property finance? The term commercial property finance covers a number of products offered to business owners and property developers who want to refurbish, renovate or invest in commercial property. With a variety of options available, you can find the best product to suit your growth objectives and current financial circumstances, whether you are acting alone, as an owner of a small business or as an established limited company.
Commercial Mortgages Whether you are a sole trader or limited company there are two commercial mortgages types currently available to business owners. An owner-occupied mortgage is available to those seeking trading premises. Lenders of owner-occupied schemes typically offer 75% mortgages over a thirty-year term. A commercial investment mortgage is available to commercial property investors and up to 65% of the purchase costs may be funded by an alternative finance provider.
Property Development Finance For property developers seeking funds for new build projects, re-developments, renovation works and refurbishments, property development finance provides a short-term loan of up to 70% of the project value. This form of alternative business finance is typically repaid in regular installments over twenty-four months. In some cases, a developer can secure 100% of the funds required for the project through joint venture property development finance. Otherwise known as JV Finance, the investor supplies all the capital required throughout the project and receives a profit share on the sale of the development at the end of the project.