Our Business Loan Funds

Information for Assessment:

-Last 2 sets of full annual accounts, including detailed Profit & Loss Accounts
-Management accounts for the period since most recent year end to date
-Cash flow forecast for a minimum of 18 months, identifying the requirement
-Last 6 months business bank statements
-Credit Report for all directors
-Business plan / executive summary overview
-Details of number of jobs safeguarded and anticipated jobs that may be created

Structure of The GREENLOANS

As most of the loans will finance projects that require the acquisition of capital equipment, the structure of GREENLOANS will typically be most akin to the following:

1. Construction and Project Financing. Many of the large green projects take years to build and require long time-frames for completion and final funding. These projects will utilize the concepts and structures developed for both the construction and mining industry.

2. Term Loans – Traditional Equipment Financing. To the extent that the project can acquire the required assets relatively quickly (or could acquire such assets utilizing existing cash flow and credit facilities), a borrower would apply for a loan to finance the specific project which would, to the extent possible, amortize over the life of the loan.

3. Asset/Equipment Finance. Lease payments will be tied to future revenue streams or cost reductions and/or carbon credit. Much like a term loan, this structure finances the acquisition of assets which would qualify for a green loan. The difference with this structure is that the repayment of the loan is tied to either future revenue structures or defined cost savings. For example, if the project is renewable energy production, then the payments would be tied to the energy that is produced. This can be particularly important if there is seasonality in energy production.

GREENLOANS Company Limited

Offer five different funding options so you can be assured we have a business loan to suit your business’ needs. These funds are all designed to plug gaps in high street lending and to help small- medium businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe that might not otherwise be able to access finance they need to start or grow.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large organization, if you’re committed to making a positive social or environmental impact, and unable to access any or all of it from a bank, this is a fund for you. We can help. Our flexible approach to lending means you’ll get the right support and funding you need. We pride ourselves on offering straight-forward loans to give your venture the financial boost it needs. No guesswork, no hassles, no reading between the lines. Just totally transparent loans to help you get ahead.

Working Capital Loans are short-term loans often used to assist a business’ operational needs and cover day-to-day expenses. Unlike different types of finance, working capital loans are normally designed to cover immediate needs and not longer-term business goals.

How can a credit line boost your working capital? A line of credit is a type of working capital solution. Its model allows businesses to have swift access to a flexible business loan within one working day. It can be used as a cash injection for short term investments, to bridge a low season or to help a business manage its cash flow.
In short, a credit line allows you to swiftly respond to opportunities or unexpected situations. This is helpful when you need to bridge receivables, purchase inventory, hire staff or with other types of short term investments.

We have a role to play in facilitating the transition of economies towards sustainable and low-carbon growth. We support this transition through our business activities by directing financial flows towards more sustainable and climate-friendly solutions.

It may be difficult for Startups companies to find funding, often because lenders will see that startups are a risky investment. New companies / Startups are often seen as risky by lenders due to having a limited trading history or lack of capital. As the loans are unsecured, there is no danger of losing precious assets if you are unable to make repayments. However, we work with a select group who specialize in providing startup funding for Startups. So, if your limited company has been trading for between 6 – 24 months, you may want to consider a startup business loan instead.