Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our MISSION is fully aligned with a commitment to help the world reach net zero. Since our inception, we have committed or arranged over 150 green projects globally, which will collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 200 metric tons of CO2e over their lifetime.

Our Vision

To emerge as a ‘Preferred Investment Partner’ by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality, risk management and expanding the global reach.

Our Values

We operate within a corporate governance framework which requires all GREENLOAN COMPANY LIMITED investments to be aligned with our mission and to contribute to specific green objectives, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
These green objectives are enshrined in our company constitution. For the past fifty years we have reported annually on our green impact with market-leading transparency.

Integrity & Transparency
Openness and highest standards of corporate & personal ethics, in all that we do
Passion to Serve Our Customers
A strong commitment to anticipate and address customer needs beyond expectation
Solution Orientated
Helping our customers achieve their objectives
Humility in thought and deed in everything we do
Nurturing imagination and fostering creativity for better results
Defining, differentiating and reinforcing excellence in people
Care for Society
Contributing towards a better tomorrow