Our Philosophy

At GREENLOANS Company Limited we have a strong corporate governance framework in place to align all our business fronts to best practices, internal processes and control, policies and procedures and ethical considerations.

The core principles of corporate governance drive the cornerstones of GREENLOANS Company Limited ’s governance philosophy, namely trusteeship, transparency, empowerment and accountability, control and ethical corporate citizenship. GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that the practice of each of these leads to the creation of the right corporate culture by which the company is managed.


GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that organizations have both a social and economic purpose. They represent a coalition of interests, namely those of the shareholders, other providers of capital, business associates and employees. This belief therefore casts a responsibility of trust on the company’s Board of Directors. They are to act as trustees to protect and enhance shareholder value, as well as to ensure that the Company fulfils its obligations and responsibilities to its other stakeholders.


GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that transparency means explaining company’s policies and actions to those it has responsibilities towards. Therefore, transparency must lead to appropriate disclosures without jeopardizing the Company’s strategic interests. Internally, transparency means openness in Company’s relationship with its employees, as well as the conduct of its business in a befitting manner. We believe transparency enhances accountability.

Empowerment and Accountability

GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that empowerment is a process of actualizing the potential of its employees. Empowerment unleashes creativity and innovation throughout the organization by truly vesting decision – making powers at the most appropriate levels in the organizational hierarchy.


GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that control is a necessary concomitant of its second core principle of governance that the freedom of management should be exercised within a framework of appropriate checks and balances. Control should prevent misuse of power, facilitate timely management response to change, and ensure that business risks are pre-emptively and effectively managed.

Ethical Corporate Citizenship

GREENLOANS Company Limited believes that corporations like itself have a responsibility to set exemplary standards of ethical behavior, both internally within the organization, as well as in their external relationship.