About Us


Is a global lender and financial accelerator for renewable energy, low-carbon energy, efficiency, conservation, waste recycling and sustainability projects. We’re committed to helping elevate the quality of the environment so that people and economies can thrive. As the world embraces new technologies, climate changes and new ways of working.


Is an integral part of that transition and journey, working together with our customers to help them succeed. Providing project developers and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporate multinationals with innovative financial solutions enhance relationships with stakeholders and gain access to new markets.
Helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs) grow with finance and support since 1948
Our competitive advantages include our experienced team of investment professionals, a global platform and a unifying investment philosophy that is complemented by a set of core business principles.
The transition to a greener economy demands global action.
That’s why we’re active in over 25 markets, creating new green infrastructure across the world.
It’s why we work alongside innovative entrepreneurs, communities, governments and strategic partners, bringing a combination of international experience and local knowledge to developed and emerging markets. We do not rely on outdated credit questionnaires or machines to make finance approval decisions. All applications are considered by their specialist team of finance experts who aim to do what they can to approve your application. Our expertise in investing across the capital structure has allowed us to cultivate a diversified mix of global investment strategies in several categories. We emphasize an opportunistic, value-oriented and risk-controlled approach to investing in these asset classes. The transition also demands pioneering solutions. That’s why we work across mature and emerging green energy technologies, and throughout all stages of the project lifecycle, bringing our finance, investment and development experience to every project.