Startup Business Loans


We have various unsecured business loan options to help businesses of all sizes, from startups businesses to limited companies. We offer the following unsecured business finance options:
• Startup business loans – This is great if you are about to start your new business venture.
• Limited company loans – If you are registered with companies house, we can help your limited company get the finance it needs to grow.
• SME business loans – If your small or medium-sized business is trading, we can help you with your business finance requirements.
Can I get an unsecured business loan for my startup business?
Yes, you can get unsecured business loans for Startups.
This means that even if you haven’t started trading yet or have only been trading up to 24 months there is a way to raise the start-up funds you need to get going without securing the finance on any of your personal assets such as your home or operating facility.
Unsecured startup business loans carry greater risk for the lender because startups tend to be inherently volatile, without years of successful trading history behind them as evidence for successful borrowing.
It’s unlikely that as a startup you’ll have assets readily available to put up as security for business borrowing.
At GREENLOANS COMPANY LIMITED we understand the importance of not risking company assets that are fundamental for business growth, particularly in the early stages of set up, but it’s important to know that you might face higher interest rates..